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PVC flooring: the complete guide

Resistant, versatile and also elegant : we are talking about  PVC floors , coverings  with  an economical and captivating design. The style and character of a home passes through the details, even in the choice of flooring , whose visual impact is really important.

How to guarantee elegance without having to overspend? The solution is to choose PVC floors , also called  vinyl siding luxury vinyl plank in Hendersonville.

We are talking about a solution that manages to satisfy both those looking for a particular design and those who wish to be able to renovate the home by opting for cheap and valid materials.


Construction has been using PVC coatings for a long time, once they were used exclusively in schools or offices, but their versatility and simple maintenance have allowed the rapid spread of this surface also in interior projects. And here the PVC floor has become one of the main materials of modern homes , thanks to the numerous customization possibilities as well as its simple installation and reduced thickness that allows you to renovate the house without having to demolish the floor below.In the following guide we will illustrate the characteristics of  PVC flooring,  whose advantages of resistance to wear , ease of installation and pleasant aesthetic result make it a really requested product.

PVC floors: characteristics

A solution that combines modern aesthetics with elegance, practicality and advantageous costs . PVC (acronym PVC: vinyl polychloride ) is a material widely used in construction as it is extremely versatile.

Among the positive characteristics of the vinyl floor , its resistance and elasticity should be mentioned : PVC does not distort effortlessly and this gives rise to it the excellent fabric for compartments subject to periodic foot business. The advice is to use it, for example, to floor the children’s room or for the corridor.

Another feature that favors pvc floors  is the simplicity of installation, it is easy to work with and does not require too much maintenance . For the installation of PVC floors you can choose whether to contact a specialized expert or, with great care and attention, decide to install it yourself.

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