Kingfisher Kookers has been in business since 1938 and is the oldest continuous grill manufacturer in the United States.

Our Mission

To make the highest quality and most versatile barbecue units in the world, backed
up with friendly, reliable service; making barbecuing FUN and DELICIOUS!

Values that set us apart....

Quality: Kingfisher Kookers are made by hand from heavy gauge steel.

Versatility: Kingfisher Kookers manufactures the most versatile units
available with the ability to grill, smoke, or steam all on the same unit.
Our units accommodate a large variety of cooking styles: charcoal, wood,
propane, natural gas, and rotisserie.

Convenience: Kingfisher Kookers come completely assembled with many
models built directly on trailers, providing the road-ready barbecue warrior
patio luxury while enjoying the great outdoors. We will also custom build BBQ
units to your cooking requirement specifications.

Kingfisher Kookers is the oldest continuous grill manufacturer in the United States,
in business since 1938. We proudly manufacturer a full line of 10 unique models of
smokers and grills, offering 3 to 4 versions of each model. Whether you're a
traditionalist who wants a true wood smoker or rotisserie experience, or, you like
charcoal grills, gas smokers or gas grills, we will have a model sure to fit your inner
backyard chef grilling or smoking needs.

We have an extensive list of products and accessories to cover your kompetition
and katering needs. From extra trays, fryers, propane tanks, racks, scrapers, or
warming ovens, we can provide items that will help make your grilling experience a
more fun and productive one.

We even offer our own style of barbecue sauce that is promised to be finger lickin'

Kingfisher Kookers offers a line of Kustom Kookers that show your business has
taste! We offer stainless steel and stone or sporty options to keep your parties

For the home backyard chef, we offer backyard built-in smokers, trailer mounted
rotisseries and trailer mounted grills. We also offer custom built models made to
your specifications. Call or email us today for more details.

In addition to our excellent line of barbecue items, we offer custom machine work
by our skilled welders and fabricators for your farm and ranch needs. We carry a
wide variety of fence building materials and farm machinery attachments. Yard
accessories such as picnic tables, swings and wagons, are also a specialty of
Kingfisher Kookers. Our "pick it clean" agricultural tool offers time saving assistance
in the harvesting of sunflowers, milo and sorghum. Check out this item, as well as
our chisel and field cultivator shank protector and our sweep plow shank protector,
on our website.

Check us out, visit our website or send us a note - we are here to assist you in
your barbecuing as well as your farm and ranch needs!

1-866-542-KOOK (5665)

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