Kingfisher Kookers has been in business since 1938 and is the oldest continuous grill manufacturer in the United States.




BK Rotisserie Kombo Smoker


The BK Kombination Kooker combines the advantages of both the rotisserie and the kombo cooker in one unit and provides a smoking chamber with excellent smoke pattern flow and even, consistent heat. This will give you a wide range of options. You can smoke on both sides or close the kombo unit and use it for grilling or for a warming oven. The rotisserie line of Bar-B-Que Pits provides a smoking chamber with excellent smoke pattern flow and even, consistent heat. The meat placed on the rotating tray does not have to be turned or moved during the smoking process. The trays rotate through the smoking chamber at one revolution per minute.

A baffle placed in the smoking chamber directs heat evenly around all four sides and catches the meat drippings, which flow into a drainpipe. This helps provide and maintain a clean smoking chamber. The kombo side of the BK is unique since it provides three cooking options. A chef can open up the dampers for smoking or partially close the damper and create a warming oven. Also, charcoal can be placed on the bottom of the kombo box for direct grilling of meats or vegetables. There is a fold down worktable on the cooking chamber. It shares a firebox, which is located between the two chambers, and a water jacket with the rotisserie smoker. The water jacket, which is to hold only water, has fill sight gauge and drain tap on the back of the unit. The thermometer is placed for convenient reading.  It is equipped with a fold down table and a thermometer. The water jacket can be shut off to the kombo portion of your cooker. Adding extra cooking trays can double the kombo’s grilling surface.  Dampers are positioned in both the firebox door and the smokestacks.



  • Rotisserie – 30” x 34” x 40” and contains four trays
    • Each 10” x 37” tray can hold (approximately):
      • 3 large turkeys
      • 7-9 sides of ribs when utilizing rib racks
      • 3-5 trimmed briskets
      • 9-15 trimmed briskets when utilizing rib racks
  • 110-volt gear motor equipped with a brake powers the rotisserie
  • Kombo – 32” x 36” cooking chamber
  • Firebox - 15” x 16” x 30” with two 3/8 thick steel doors
  • 10” x 36” fold down work table
  • 15-gallon water jacket
  • Unit is 5’ wide x 13’ long x 5’ tall
  • Comes road ready mounted on a trailer axel with –
    • Springs
    • 13” tires
    • Running lights
    • 2” coupler with jack
    • Dolly steel wheel
    • Spare tire & mount  
  • Empty unit weight is approximately 1200 pounds
  • Tongue weight of 150 to 200 pounds
  • Unit is fabricated from 12 to 14-gauge metal
  • 9-gauge expanded metal is used for trays, worktables and oven grates
  • Firebox grate is 6-gauge expandable metal



  • Single Wall -
  • Double Wall w/1800° Insulation-