Kingfisher Kookers has been in business since 1938 and is the oldest continuous grill manufacturer in the United States.




The Big K Kombination Kooker


The Big K Kombo Kooker provides the ability to grill with direct heat or smoke with indirect heat. The cooking chamber has a separate firebox with an adjustable air intake to control the cooking temperature for smoking. A water jacket, located above the firebox, forms steam to keep meat moist. The Big K provides the “S” pattern of smoke by positioning the clean out shovel in the middle of the grill. The Big K is very versatile for competition or commercial cooking. A cook can smoke on one side and grill on the other, smoke on both sides, or smoke on one side and use the other portion to keep meat warm for serving.


Key Benefits:

  • Road ready
  • Versatile enough for kompetition or kommercial cooking
  • Smoke on one side and grill on the other or smoke on both sides or smoke on one side and use the other side to keep meat warm

Additional Options:

  • Double wall with 1800° insulation
  • Gas Burner
  • Warming Oven



  • 2 cooking chambers measuring 32” x 36” for a total cooking area of 2300 square inches
  • Entire unit is 12’ long x 5’ tall x 4’ wide
  • Handy fold down table
  • 12” tires


Available Mdels:

  • Single Wall -
  • Double Wall with 1800° Insulation -